Hello There!

I’m Brittany Thrun. I’m a 22 year old artist, instructor and owner of A Fine Tangle.

I graduated from Buffalo State College with a B.S. in Art Education in December of 2010 and am now a NYS certified art teacher. In February of 2011, I started A Fine Tangle.

A Fine Tangle encompasses two of my passions, teaching art and making it:

Classes: I am a freelance art instructor who has a passion for teaching kids to create and learn through art. I offer class development for small businesses, birthday parties and other non-traditional classroom environments. Visit the classes page to find where I am teaching and when, as well as classes I am working on!

Shop: With one a glance at my shop, you can see I crochet. Taught myself three years ago & been doing it ever since. You can also find other creations such as custom books and fiber-inspired accessories. Take a gander and check regularly for new items!

Oh! I also have a personal blog. Here I post my inspiration from around the web and world as what I am up to, whether it be fashion, events or just some thoughts. I also draw faces, sew clothes and other crafty stuff. I love picnics, fall leaves, vanilla-pistachio ice cream, singing and peppermint mochas.

If you have question or comments send me a message at brittany@afinetangle.com! I’d love to hear from you!


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