Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tutorial: Metal Ladder Necklace

In the early stages of creating my Etsy shop and figuring out what path I was going to go down, I bought some brass streamline tube online.  My original idea for it didn't work out and my shop transformed into something else entirely.  However, I had a bunch of streamline, brass tubing laying around.  I think it's about time to make something from it.  I use this pipe and some extra chain to make these ladder necklaces.

You will need: Pliers, chain, streamline brass tube (available online and at hardware stores), earring threads and tin-snips.(Optional: scissors and nail polish)

1. Cut the streamline tube with the tin-snips a little smaller than the earring threads.  The brass will bend and lose its form but that is alright.

2. Use the pliers to reform the tube.  I also used scissors to cut a nicer edge afterwards.

3. Create a loop on the other  side of the earring chain.  Attach one side of the earring thread to the chain.  I suggest starting with the top one first.
4. Slide the streamline tube and attached the earring thread loop to the other side of the chain.

5. There may be left over chain.  You can chose to take it off or I connected the two ends together.
6. This step is optional, but you can use nail polish to create designs or color the brass.

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