Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tutorial: Egg Carton Flower Wreath

Spring has arrived and flowers are starting to bloom. Over at St. Leo's us teachers are getting ready for another open house with the theme of all things spring! I wanted to make a cheap but colorful wreath for my door. So I grabbed some egg cartons, scissors, watercolors and glue and you can too! Here's a super quick tutorial for you all (I'm sure kiddos could do this too)
EggCartonFlowerWreath-AFineTangle 004
You will need:
Paper Egg Cartons
Watercolors (any kind works)
Hot Glue (craft glue might work as well
EggCartonFlowerWreath-AFineTangle 016
Cut between the egg carton spots and create flower shapes: Some of mine are a bit abstract, some long and some short. Remember this is a playful wreath. Once cut, paint with watercolors. The carton will soak up a lot of the water and color in the first layer, so I did a light first coat of mostly water and then went over it with a lot more of the hue. Remember, it will dry a bit lighter!
EggCartonFlowerWreath-AFineTangle 022
While your flowers dry, cut a circle from the cardboard to whatever size you want your wreath to be. Cut a center circle to create your desired width.
EggCartonFlowerWreath-AFineTangle 103
Once the flowers are completely dry, hot glue them onto the cardboard form. Optional: hot glue a ribbon on the back for hanging your wreath.
EggCartonFlowerWreath-AFineTangle 104
And there you have it...your wreath is done! Hang and enjoy! Super simple but super cheery. Spring: here I come!
EggCartonFlowerWreath-AFineTangle 083

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