Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011: Year in Review

Happy New Year Everyone!  I hope you all had a safe and wonderful time with family, friends and love!  It was a good first year for A Fine Tangle and me! We started off in February on a slow start but after the nuts that was summer camp this summer and starting my first year teaching, it has been moving up!  I am so excited for what this year holds!  I'm almost done breaking down my goals for this year, don't worry, I will share sometime this week!  Until then here are just a few things that I loved, accomplished and experienced this past year!

First up: can you believe this was the blog banner I started with? Branding was foreign to me and I had no clue what "look" I was going for.....needless to say it has changed a lot!

This was the item that moved me towards tangles:  seeing my blog banner, a friend asked me to make one for her, and I suppose you can say the rest is kinda history!  And I must say, it was a great decision!  I love creating personalized gifts and textural jewelry, makes me feel all warm and cozy inside!  So thanks Ryan and Sara!

September I started my first year teaching!: It was an exciting and nerve-wrecking time, and still have another few months to go!  I have learned so much so far and have developed so many new ideas! It is amazing!

Soon after, I posted my first (big) tutorial!  I was so honored to have them featured on One Pretty Thing and Cotton & Curls!  I have some plans to start thinking and creating more!
In October I began the creation of my product line for CityLove Clothing!  I must say it was one of the neatest and best things I did in 2011!  So much Buffalo love!
In November, I did my first ever craft show!! It was small and relaxed; perfect for me to test the waters! And I must say I loved it!  I got so much amazing feedback and compliments, it was such a motivation jumpstarter!
 In December, I was busy, busy filling orders!  Luckily I had the company of my "business partner" though I can't say she was much help.  Still, I loved having her with me!
Right before the New Year: I dyed my hair for the first time ever! And I am loving it!

I'm wondering: How was your 2011?


  1. ooh i love these! i just got home from the store with pipe cleaner and yarn for this very project..when i stumbled onto your blog. hope mine turn out as cute as yours!

  2. Thanks...I actually use stainless steel wire for mine, allowing for stability since I do sell and ship these around the country. Best of luck!


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