Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekly Loves: Oct. 15th

1.Mini Photobooth Print by kikiandpolly via Etsy
I love the photobooth look of this watercolor print.

The 2nd edition of this new Feature! And I have found some lovely things this week! It's an eclectic mix. Maybe I'll try a theme or similar color next week.

What were you loving this week?  

2. by SamanthaFrench via Etsy 
I love the dreamy underwater look!

3. by pamlostracco via Etsy
It's a calendar!The marks on the rigdes of the mountians are numbers of each month!

4. by bRainbowshop via Etsy
This little amera necklace is darling! Can't take pictures with it but I love the details!

5. by dannyphillipsart via Etsy
I have a thing for mixed media.  The colors are beautiful in this piece.

6. by CrankCases via Etsy
Coolest wallet ever....'nuff said!

Brittany Thrun is the owner, artist and instructor behind A Fine Tangle.    
Visit her at  Follow her on twitter @afinetangle.

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