Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beginner Crochet Class

Join us this month for the first ever beginner crochet club!

This month we will be learning how to make a beautiful 
scarf perfect for the incoming cool weather.

I am so excited for this class!  It will be my first ever crochet class for school aged children, but after tackling the beginner crochet class I held over the summer, I am cool and collected.  No needles in this one, just hooks.  I think what I am looking forward to most is seeing the kids reactions when they finish their scarf and wear it for the first time.  There is something awesome about wearing something you made yourself and I hope to share that sense of accomplishment and inspiration that comes with making homemade in my beginner crocheters!  Beginner Crocheters....has quite a ring doesn't it? 

Speaking of crochet, I still have some hats in my Etsy shop if anyone is interested!

Brittany Thrun is the owner, artist and instructor behind A Fine Tangle.    
Visit her at  Follow her on twitter @afinetangle.

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