Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dress My Bike

Everyone, meet Henry.  He is my vintage Schwinn varsity bike.  I got him from a good friend for my 21st birthday last year, and I am so looking forward to riding lots this spring and summer.  If only it would stop raining and getting so cold!

While waiting for the sun to start shining, I've been drooling over awesome skirt guards fro my bike.  As some of you may not know I LOVE skirts and dresses.  They make up the majority of my  summer wardrobe!  So not only would it make Henry super handsome, but it would be practical too!

Here are a few I am loving! I'm thinking of trying to make one of my own!

Helenaskirtguard by darkandstormyday
Raleigh Roadster
Raleigh Roadster by mfarrington
1910 Fongers
1910 Fongers by andrekoopmans
Flower Power Skirt Guards
Flower Power Skirt Guards by Just-Do

I just need to figure out if I can get fenders for my bike.  Anyone know bout these sorts of things?

Brittany Thrun is the owner, artist and instructor behind A Fine Tangle.  
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  1. :D! Make sure you do a couple posts about some biking adventures you are about to have. Niagara on the lake and Delaware park would be alot of fun to travel via bike!

  2. Sounds like a great idea Anonymous commenter >.>

  3. Whoa, those look so pretty! If I ever have a cool bike I want to do this! Or maybe I'll just surprise-crochet something for my bro-in-law's!


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