Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Made this as a prop for photos and new design concepts
Okay, so there are a lot of things I have not done and said I would this week, like new pictures and designs.  I can partially blame it on the weather but lots is procrastination but more is other opportunities have presented themselves.  And I am excited to tell you all about them!!

In May and this summer I will be teaching classes at Monkey See, Monkey Do Children's Bookstore.  I am so truly excited!  I have so many ideas for classes and have four scheduled already!!  Now it's on to ordering supplies and working out the details.  That being said, it certainly is something I have to get used to, making my own schedule, not having a steady means of employment, but I think I am gradually getting used to the idea.  In a nut shell, I am almost officially doing freelance (I'll call it official once I teach my first class).

This doesn't mean I'm abandoning my Etsy shop, just it's not the number one focus right now.  As for the shop, I have ideas and sketches of clothing and items I would like to develop and add possibly for the summer time.  Lots all involving reclaimed fabric, more crochet and possible jewelry items.

And for the blog, I want to work on more original content.  I plan on continueing to post links from around the blogoshpere and web (I already have way too many bookmarks, I love being able to have this place to document them)  But I would love to share more of my regular craft adaventures once I have more time to do more, as well as some tutorials.  I'm thinking mabe doing a guys segment since I've recently discovered that some lovely guy friends follow this out of support and I want to give something back, I totally appreciative it guys!

Well, that's what is up with me!  I have applied to some awesome jobs, but no contact yet. One of these jobs would be an absolute DREAM!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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