Monday, March 7, 2011

Hats Hats and Hats

Yes, I know I have not posted in a while.  I have been burying my nose in Sales Tax information booklets as well as crocheting my fingers off.  Evidence seen in the photo above....need more yarn so I can make more.

I also plan on working on a new banner and look to my blog (I know, I just started it) but I want it to match my recent product photos in color and look, not to mention I beleive my personal style has changed just a tad since I first started selling my wearables.  I think I have a concept idea, but not quite sure.  Will hopefully get to image and banner creating sometime this week.

Missed Cookbook Project this week as well but I think in the intro post I said that it might be every other week, so I guess I'm off the hook?  Jeremy and I looked for recipes to try last night during the Sabres game (they won btw)!

Thinking about some new regular post themes.  If you have any suggestions or requests let me know in the comments or email me!

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