Sunday, March 13, 2011

Growing it out?

Lately I have been back and forth on keeping my hair short or growing it out again.  I've never been one to keep a hairstyle for very long, I like the variety but I have really been enjoying this shoulder-length bob of mine.  However, many of the blogs I read are posting lovely pictures and tutorials for long hair recently and its making me really consider growing it out for the summer. 
This is an old Liberty of London for Target ad I cut out a long time ago.  I love the fabric braided into the hair! I did it a few times when my hair was longer.  Can add lots of color for spring and summer.
One of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess recently posted a Maiden Braid Tutorial.  I tried it with my hair but the braids barely pass the middle of my head.  See the tutorial here
 I can sorta achieve this look with my hair but just doesn't have much hold.  This lovely tutorial was posted by A Cup of Jo here.

I'm certainly leaning towards growing it out again, 
I can always cut it short later!

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