Monday, February 28, 2011

Vinyl Revamping


What do you get for the vinyl or music lover who likes to draw or write? A vinyl notebook of course!

Jeremy, is a vinyl record collector and wants to learn how to sketch, I heard he also writes some music once in a while too.  So as I struggled to find something for Valentine's Day, I thought of getting him a sktchbook adn drawing pencils.  But of course, I can't get him any sketchbook!  Why not make one, and then all of a sudden hit me....I have old records downstairs (that aren't collectibles, and very scratched up)  There we go! I have a unique cover that I can personalize for him! 
And thus, this was created. 

Disclaimer: I do not destroy good vinyl, I beleive it should be saved, the records I use are either very beat up or artists that are well, not so awesome or well known, I figured those kind are fair game.  

The records I used were some strings collections or something of the sort, not quite sure, it was in rough shape.  It was purple so I covered up the outside label with one of my own.  It has his name, and even songs whose titles are places and things we have done together, and the play times are the month and day we went. 

I'm thinking....sellable? Possible items in my eventual Etsy shop?  
Quite a few people have told me they would get one or at least think they would sell.  
What do you think? Do you know someone who would buy? 

Brittany Thrun is the owner, artist and instructor behind A Fine Tangle. 
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  1. they would sell for sure

  2. I see Jim Morrison hiding under that book. FYI, if you destroy a Doors record, you go to Hell and listen to the organ solo from "Light My Fire" for all eternity.
    Meanwhile, your vinyl sketchbooks will sell like Cher tickets in San Fran.

  3. It is actually The Best of the Doors and Black Sabbath. And I would not destroy them. Apparently I should have made the disclaimer in the middle of the post bigger.
    The only good condition vinyl I would consider destroying would be Barry Manilow and others of the sort. I wouldn't go to Hell for that would I?

  4. You would get a very nice condo on the east side of Heaven.

  5. This is adorable. [:


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